Fernando Ramirez is a writer, illustrator, screenwriter, musician, and designer based in San Antonio, TX.




His first published comics work (as writer, artist, inker, & editor) appeared in a small book called BOOK OF DREAMS (1993).  This book featured his original comics story BLUESMAN.









Between 1994 and 2000, Fernando co-owned a comics company called MAVERICK STUDIOS. This company released two original comics: WORDS & PICTURES #1 (1994) and WORDS & PICTURES #2 (1995). These comics were released throughout America (and overseas) through such distributors as DIAMOND, CAPITAL CITY, FRIENDLY FRANKS, and others.
















In 1994, Fernando provided pencils/inks & lettering to a short story by David Scott Hay in Vanguard Comics' EDGE Special #1... also known as the EDGE 1994 SUMMER SPECIAL/ANNUAL.


















Two years later, Fernando collaborated with writer Normal Partridge in a comics story for THE BIG BIGFOOT BOOK (1996) published by Mojo Press. He contributed pencils and inks to a rowdy adventure starring President Teddy Roosevelt.








In 1996, Fernando contributed a pinup to ATOMIC CHILI (1996). The drawing was of Joe Lansdale's seminal creation "The God of the Razor."



















Also in 1996, Fernando's work appeared in Vanguard Comics' TALES FROM THE EDGE #8.
















In 1998, Fernando co-wrote an original movie script called BROKEN WINGS. This feature, which was never produced, is about an angel that is fighting to prevent Judgement Day from occurring.


In 2000, Fernando co-wrote an original movie script called SK. This un-produced screenplay is the story of a serial killer who preys on other serial killers. This was conceived, written, and copyrighted before DEXTER premiered on HBO.


In 2001, Fernando co-wrote an original movie script called IN HUMANITY. This unproduced short screenplay tells the story of an angel who decides to be human for a day.








In 2003, Fernando wrote, performed, produced, mixed, mastered, and released his first solo CD: RAMIFICATION. This CD featured melodic rock music. A mass-produced professionally replicated copy of it is currently available on CDBABY. You can also purchase MP3s of this album on ITUNES and AMAZON MP3... and many other places.

















In 2008, Fernando released his second solo CD: WILDERNESS. The mass-produced copy (professionally replicated CD) is also available on CDBABY. MP3s also available on ITUNES and AMAZON M This release was also written, performed, produced, and mixed by Fernando. It's material, while also firmly rooted in melodic rock... showed evidence of maturity and refinement in his musical skills.

















. In early 2010, Fernando designed and illustrated the cover for acclaimed Virginia-based writer Ernesto Uribe's novel RUMORS OF A COUP.


















In late 2011, Fernando published a short weight-loss book called BACK AWAY FROM THE TABLE.




















In December 2013, Fernando released his third solo release: FORCE OF NATURE. This release is digital only (no mass replicated CDs) and is available on Itunes, Amazon MP4, and CDBABY. This release was also written, performed, produced, and mixed by Fernando. The material in this CD is hard rock, possibly even metal. It also shows the influence of the alternative rock Fernando was playing in his previous band RAZORBONE (since defunct).























In 2013, Fernando released ENOK THE PRODIGAL Book 1 on  the Kindle platform as an e book.  It is the first half of a storyline for Fernando's original fantasy character.  A print copy of the entire storyline will be made available when Book 2 is released on the Kindle in May 2015.














































In January 2014, Fernando released a compilation of his comics art on the Amazon Kindle platform. The book is called: PROOF OF LIFE, COMICS & STORIES BY FERNANDO H. RAMIREZ. This collection is notable in that it contains artwork corrections, new lettering, new scanning of the original artwork, and in some cases... rewriting and new pages.



































In January 2015, Fernando released GUADALUPE: THE VIRGIN & JUAN DIEGO.  This 40 page book tells the story of how the Virgin Mary appeared to Juan Diego in Mexico in the 1500s.  Available now on Amazon.com as a printed book, or on the Kindle.